Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sexy Lingerie For Women

http://www.cutebuy.com/sexy-lingerie.htmlSexy lingerie is a hazy, and reserved, shy to express love of beauty, and physical performance expectations. Sexy can resulting in heterosexual sexual feeling attractive to the opposite sex. Especially in the folk, underwear show more elegant and romantic, the underwear's body language more imagination and creativity of human dress culture, to add a lot of vivid and clear.

50, 60's - to the beauty of women age high-heeled shoes, waist, hip and a flat belly circle at that time are the symbol of female beauty, tight underwear and other bra, which is now the wonder bra predecessor.
70 's, women's underwear "Dark Age" burned bras, don't women whitewash, all to a man. Simple, comfortable, practical into the basic criteria for women's underwear at. Overall underwear "Body" became a fashion.

80 's- time I female beauty is the age of 80 women from the liberation to the transition period of self recognition. The pursuit of self - affirmation, the value of the self, society becomes more personalized. Women's beauty is that people really accept, triggering the growth of underwear, underwear design has been restored and everbright. Design more bold, exposure, to make women more beautiful.

90's - "second skin" s with the underwear of constantly updated, more and more people the pursuit of new technology products, pure cotton products has not become people's needs. "Microfibre" (micro fiber) this universally recognized is known as the "second skin" fabric, in the women's underwear in the history of glory. In 1997, DuPont Co launched the revolutionary high quality elastic fiber Lycrasoft, the underwear is close to the body, no binding, stretch freely. Women really can comfortably shape beauty.
Today, low-cut design fashion popular large type V (Low-Cut) as well as on lace decoration and building too sexy underwear exhibition style. Modern people not only pay attention to underwear brings the temptation, pay more attention to the health care, body shape, it is popular.
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